David Thomason


Position • Clarify

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The main tool in
this phase of work is
The Connecting Point Session™.
A four-hour process I’ve been
perfecting for 20 years and
the results are powerful.

We can do this over video or in person.

Invite 1 or 2 of your closest
advisors for a deep dive
into the foundations
and details of your business.

Here are a few things we’ll discover
on our way to clarity:
• Why your best clients picked you
• What business you are really in
• How to define and bill more
for your Genius
• How to quickly explain what you do

This session can change the course
of your business.
I’ve seen it scores of times.

Nothing will move you forward
more than a firm understanding of
who you are, what your business is,
and how to talk about it with
just the right people.